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FIIG provides made to measure solutions to invest, fund and manage your business’s financial needs.

Our services

Direct bond investments

Easy access to Corporate Bonds, offering returns of 5% pa* or more, regular income and capital stability, for all types of corporates.

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Managed income solutions

Combine the benefits of direct investment in fixed income with the expertise of our investment team.

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Money market services

Liquidity management solutions for Corporate clients customised to
your organisation’s needs.

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The Corporates team

Mark Bayley - Head of Credit Strategy & Research

Mark Bayley 

Brad Sheehan - Director Corporate and Institutional

Brad Sheehan

Marcus Blake - Director - Distribution, Managed Portfolios

Marcus Blake

Bianca Burt

Bianca Burt

Leigh Winton - Head of Portfolio Strategies

Leigh Winton


Kieran Quaine

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