2021 Credit Outlook Report

  • The health crisis that combined elements of the Spanish flu pandemic, the Great Depression and the GFC helped redefine what fiscal and monetary policies can achieve.
  • Governments and central banks globally have set a clear expectation that they will continue to do whatever is necessary to ensure some level of economic recovery and continued financial stability.
  • The new norm of unconventional monetary policies means there will continue to be value in fixed rate securities.
  • Maintaining a high degree of diversification (across maturity, issuer, rating, currency and instrument type) continues to be the key to a well-balanced fixed income portfolio.

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Reliable income


Diversification through a wide range of investment grade Australian fixed interest securities

6% pa* Returns

Defined and regular

income payments

Portfolio Diversification

High quality bond issuers

such as Commonwealth Bank and Woolworths through to high growth companies such as Zip and Omni Bridgeway

Over 400 bonds available

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Receive reliable income throughout the year

Unlike stocks, a bond's performance isn't linked to a company's share price. A bond is essentially a loan with fixed terms, which means you receive regular and consistent income payments at set intervals during the year. This allows you to relax and focus on other things without worrying about the fluctuations of the stock market.

It’s a smart way to diversify

With bonds available from companies in industries as varied as banking, construction, infrastructure, insurance, transport, airlines, retailing and more, it’s easy to ensure diversification for reduced capital risk.

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Craft a personalised portfolio tailored to your needs from a diverse selection of Australia's top companies.

Through FIIG’s DirectBonds Service, starting with a minimum of $50,000 you can get access to over 600 well-known Australian companies, providing you with consistent and reliable income payments and capital stability.

5.64% p.a.^

Conservative Portfolio

This portfolio has 10 securities with weightings between 6.17% and 12.21%, yielding 5.64% pa*. It is designed for investors wanting a 100% allocation of investment grade bonds. The returns shown are based on ~$480,000 investment. $50,000 is the minimum amount that can be invested with FIIG.

6.80% p.a.^

Balanced Portfolio

This portfolio has 16 securities with weightings between 3.19% and 10.34%, yielding 6.80% pa*. It is designed for investors wanting higher yield than a solely investment grade portfolio by taking measured credit risk. The returns shown are based on ~$610,000 investment. $50,000 is the minimum amount that can be invested with FIIG.

9.12% p.a.^

High Yield

This portfolio has 13 securities with weightings between 5.30% and 12.93%, yielding 9.12% pa*. It is designed for investors seeking a higher return and who are comfortable with a corresponding increase in credit risk. The returns shown are based on a ~$428,000 investment. $50,000 is the minimum amount that can be invested with FIIG.

^Pricing as of 1 July 2024. Subject to change.

Earn a better return

Australian bonds have proven to deliver better returns than cash or international shares over the last 20 years. If you’re looking for strong returns, bonds are a great way to achieve your aims.

Corporate Bonds generally pay a higher income return than cash and term deposits.

Source: Gross returns for 20 years to 30 June 2020. Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd

Access your funds at any time

Just like buying shares, you can trade your bonds if your situation or investment strategy changes. This can be done in parcels of $10,000 – allowing you flexibility without needing to trade everything (subject to availability)

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