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As Australia’s largest fixed income specialist, FIIG is committed to helping Australians secure their financial future by enabling direct investment in the fixed income market. Be a part of our team and change the way Australia thinks about fixed income.

To assist with us making our vision a reality, our employees are guided by our five core values:

Client Focus
Client Focus

We focus on the client in everything we do
We own the client experience
We take time to understand what;s important to the client and act upon it
We focus on the improvement and enhancement of the client experience
We are responsive and consistently deliver on what we promise


We are open, genuine and honest
We build trust through the quality of our work and our high ethical standards
We hold ourselves and others to account
We speak up when we see something wrong or make a mistake


We seek what is best for FIIG as 'one team'
We collaborate and cooperate to achieve a common goal
We work together to generate ideas and improvements
We make time to help colleagues
We listen attentively and respect and value the input of our colleagues
We share learnings and celebrate success

Forward Thinking
Forward Thinking

We provide innovative and sustainable solutions to deliver for the long term
We think about the impact of today's decisions on tomorrow
We challenge the status quo
We ask questions today to anticipate tomorrow's challenges
We identify and solve the causes of problems rather than treating symptoms


We aspire to be the best
We care about FIIG's success and contribute to it
We go the extra mile to create consistent high quality outcomes
We expect high standards of each other
We actively contribute to the performance. development and engagement or our colleagues

Life at FIIG

FIIG currently operates in an underserviced and underdeveloped space, creating opportunities for which each employee is passionate about, and this is key to FIIG’s success.

Our vision is to lead the way in creating an environment in Australia where the fixed income asset class is well understood, easily accessed and actively invested by private clients, advisers and corporate markets.

Do you see yourself working for our organisation?

  • Sales
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Managed Income Portfolio Service
  • STMM
  • Custodial Services
  • Portfolio Strategies
  • Client Services
  • Research and Education
  • Facilitation
  • Information Technology


Relationship Managers deliver our DirectBonds service, which provides investors with access to our corporate bond markets. Our DirectBonds Service offers over 400 bonds. It also offers a mix of fixed, floating and inflation-linked bonds.

Debt Capital Markets

The FIIG Debt Capital Markets (DCM) team arranges long term, flexible AUD bond financing for rated and unrated Australian and New Zealand corporates. The DCM team provides debt advisory services focused on optimising capital structures and diversifying funding options.

Managed Income Portfolio Service

MIPS offers a choice of four investment programs to suit a range of investment goals for wholesale investors, clients have the flexibility to create their own Investment Mandate with the assistance of the MIPS Portfolio Management Team.


FIIG offers specialist short-term money market expertise to corporate and eligible wholesale clients seeking to save the time and money it takes to optimise cash investments

Custodial Services

Custodial Services were introduced to support client investments in fixed income across a range of investment sizes, starting from $10,000 per investment. This is carried out through safe keeping of the investments, settlements of purchases and sales, collection and processing of coupons and maturities on clients’ behalf, and the provision of ongoing portfolio reporting, valuation and analysis.

Portfolio Strategies

PSS provides RMBS as a product within FIIG, views on portfolio construction and examples of the securities that align with its market and economic view. Helping clients build diversified portfolios using a range of bond types, maturities and industry sectors. Providing sample portfolios for internal and external clients, regular commentary on our thoughts, and independent reviews of client portfolios.

Client Services

The team is a key point of contact for clients and internal stakeholders, being one of the first contacts for new clients, the team looks to assist and ensure a smooth transition in the client account opening process and responding to both existing client and new client queries.

Research and Education

Research and Education aim to ensure the fixed income asset class is well understood, our education team assists by developing content such as; online webinars, in-house seminars and up to date Wire content. The FIIG research team creates fixed income news, and provides insight both to internal and external stakeholders on bond opportunities in the fixed income market.


Our facilitation team is responsible transacting in fixed income securities with the professional market using FIIGs bond trading systems to help drive the fixed income sales team to their revenue targets.

Information Technology

Our IT department is made up of three core streams, IT Support, Infrastructure and also more project based work on an internal initiative known as the ‘One FIIG’ project. These streams work together to support the business and assist in optimising and improving FIIG current systems.

Employee testimonials

Danica Warren

Associate – Fixed Income

"I joined FIIG in October 2014 as a Dealer Assistant for the Perth Office. When I started at FIIG I had just finished University, during my time here I’ve had access to a lot of training and education which has allowed me to further my knowledge in the bond market; which wasn’t something we focused on greatly at university. One of the benefits of working for FIIG is the Clients, I feel our clients are a really interesting group of people who have thought outside of the square of where to invest their money, and especially in Perth our clients are very innovative people and always have an interesting story to tell."

Justin Cantle

Head of Software Delivery

"I joined in 2012 within the IT team as a Technical Business analyst. The first major piece of work I was involved in was the design of the secondary trading Order Management System and Facilitation inventory management and order execution screens. This was designed, built and tested by the IT team within a very short space of time considering the level of complexity and is still going strong today. What I have enjoyed most about working for FIIG is being on the journey over the last 5 years to where we are now with the OneFIIG programme; Being part of the team that takes an idea that the business has, developing it and evolving it with them and then seeing it get built and used as intended; Working with a group of smart, entertaining and dedicated people that enjoy what they do and know how to have fun."

Lachlan Marshall

Client Services Manager

"I started at FIIG in October 2014 as an Officer in the Client Services team Brisbane. I had just returned home from 3 years living and working in London, and FIIG gave me a great opportunity to directly apply some of the knowledge and experience I had gained, particularly related to corporate bonds. Within 8 months I was given the chance to step-up to Team Leader in Brisbane and 2 years later became the Client Services Manager nationally, based in Sydney. Being a small-to-medium sized company FIIG has taught me the importance of creating and maintaining relationships both internally with my colleagues and externally with stakeholders, in order to help achieve strategic goals. FIIG is a great company to work for no matter what office you are in. The people and culture lead to an open and collaborative workspace where everyone’s ideas can be heard and high performance is recognised."

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Why join us?

Progression at FIIG is based on performance not how long you have been with us. At FIIG you are not just another number, but an expert at what you do with the opportunity to make a real impact at all levels of the organisation, your ideas will be heard and for the right ideas will be implemented in real time.

Graduate Program and Internship Opportunities

More information on our Graduate Program will be provided in 2024. If you are interested in exploring further entry level opportunities or completing work experience in any of our offices.
Send through an expression of interest to


FIIG has hosted many penultimate and final year university students, not only for work placement opportunities but also casual placements. We regularly advertise our opportunities on student job boards and Linked In for those actively seeking experience or an opportunity to join us make sure you keep your eye out.

If you are interested in exploring further entry level opportunities or completing work experience in any of our offices. Send through an expression of interest to


FIIG Recruitment Process

You can apply for any of our currently listed job openings via LinkedIn.

Alternatively if you do not have a LinkedIn account, contact us via email and attach a copy of your CV.

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