Corporate Bonds
earn 5% pa* double
cash returns

Offer clients predictable fixed
income to build their lifestyle

Learn more about how bonds can work for your clients

The essentials of bond investing for Advisers - learn about the features of Bonds, managing risk, longevity and interest rates.

Managed income solutions

Combine the benefits of direct investment in fixed income with the expertise of our investment team.

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Direct bond investments

Build a bespoke portfolio of bonds tailored to your client’s specific needs and benefit from FIIG’s custodial services, reporting and administration and platform integration.

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FIIG’s Term Deposit Service

Access to Term Deposits (minimum $1m) for your HNW clients with Australia’s
largest range of ADI’s

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Wholesale Sample Bond Portfolio - Investment Grade
Wholesale Sample Portfolio - High Yield

View our expert’s wholesale sample portfolios.

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Expertise you can trust

“FIIG has the total package regarding Bonds and associated Fixed Interest options with a very good easy to use web site, informative views available via Wire newsletter and good people back up”.
Joseph L, VIC

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"What I like about FIIG is that it provides direct access to the Fixed Income market. Given Fixed Income is all we do, we use this expertise on a daily basis to help investors who are seeking capital preservation and income predictability."
Johnele Huggett, Director - Product and Platform

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