Michael Keely, Director - Fixed Income

Michael Keely

Associate Director - Fixed Income

Michael has worked with investors in the financial markets for more than 20 years. He has generally focused on the funding / investment side of the business. Michael spent a number of years at Suncorp in their Treasury. The most recent role entailed managing their National Commercial / Middle Market team who dealt with investors who actively participated in the short term money market. The best part of this role was dealing with and meeting with investors, discussing the challenging and changing market conditions and developing a reasonable approach with investors to manage their funds. Working as an Associate Director as part of the Melbourne Private Client Solutions team, he enjoy working with investors and discussing their bond portfolios in the context or risk and return. Ensuring portfolios are diversified across sector, company and term and within a suitable mix of investment grade and sub / non-rated bonds generally provides investors with balanced portfolio. Identifying trading opportunities where investors can either improve their risk or return is an ongoing challenge where FIIG can add value for investors. Providing regular communication via the phone, email and in person is critical to ensure investors are well informed and understand the risks within their portfolios. Successfully completed a Bachelor of Economics.

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