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Discover the reasons behind Australia's growing appetite for Corporate Bonds and how the market could almost double in the coming year.  To invest in Corporate Bonds with FIIG the minimum investment is $250,000.

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Key takeaways from the report

How capital preservation & yields are driving investment in Corporate Bonds

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86% of corporate bond investors have had a positive experience, and a net 37% intend to invest more in the next 12 months

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A net 15% of non-investors intend to invest in the next 12 months. Therefore the share of high net worth individuals owning corporate bonds could grow from 16% to 29%

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Low yields in cash investments is the #1 concern identified by investors. And 40% are concerned about government policy uncertainty

The Australian Corporate Bond market is growing

The rise in private investor demand for Corporate Bonds

Australians own corporate bonds

16% of high net worth individuals in Australia directly own corporate bonds

11 percent of investment portfolios

Corporate bonds are 11% of total portfolio assets for individuals with direct holdings

AUD and USD denominated bonds

95% of corporate bond investors own AUD-denominated bonds, while 72% own USD-denominated bonds

Why the Australian Corporate Bond market is growing

1 Trillion of Corporate Bonds outstanding in Australia

More than $1 trillion of corporate bonds are outstanding in Australia: the corporate bond market is around 70% the size of the listed share market (ASX)

47% owned by Australian Investors

Only 47% of the Australian corporate bond market is owned by Australian investors

Over 6 percent average return between 2006-16

Average gross annual return of Australian bonds was 6.1% between 2006-16, compared to 4.3% for Australian shares

and much more..

Discover the reasoning behind Australia's growing appetite for Corporate bonds

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