Can your investments weather the storm?

FIIG’s Managed Income Portfolio Service (“MIPS”) enables you to combine the key benefits of directly owning fixed income securities with the expertise of a professional investment management team.

Investment expertise

Investment expertise

Fixed Income expertise focused entirely on creating value

Regular Income

Regular Income

Benefit from regular income capital stream

Over 400 bonds available

Portfolio Diversification

Maximise diversification thorugh FIIG's unique DirectBond service

Direct Ownership

Direct Ownership

Bonds are held in your name, not units in a trust

Buy & Sell Direct

Flexible Investments

Choose from 3 investment programs or a custom investment mandate

MIPS Investment Programs

The minimum investment amount for MIPS is $500,000 for each investment program, or $5m for a Customised Investment Program.


Income Plus

Regular income through exposure to both senior and subordinate debt. Income Plus has a broader mandate to invest across the capital structure, senior through to subordinated bonds, and across the credit spectrum to include investment and non-investment grade rated bonds. ‘The allocation to select non-investment grade credits is based upon corporate credit strength. The portfolio credit exposure mix of rated and unrated senior and subordinate bonds will shift through the credit cycle.


Core Income

Regular income through exposure to senior debt only. Portfolios are predominantly exposed to investment grade rated senior bonds with a small allocation to unrated bonds. Exposure is to medium to longer tenor maturity profiles, facilitating higher yield generation. The mix of holdings of fixed and floating rate bonds will shift through the interest rate cycle.


Conservative Income

Regular income through exposure to investment grade rated debt only. Conservative Income invests in investment grade rated senior and subordinate bonds only. Longer dated bonds form a key part of portfolios generating yield from credit and interest rates. The mix of holdings of fixed and floating rate bonds will shift through the interest rate cycle.

How MIPS Works

Once you have chosen an Investment Program, the MIPS Portfolio Management Team (PMT) will invest in fixed income assets according to the program’s mandate and replicate its model portfolio. The MIPS PMT will rebalance your  holdings in response to changes in markets and investment opportunities.

As a MIPS client, you receive:

  • Regular income payments (coupons) either reinvested or paid into your nominated account.
  • The opportunity to subscribe to multiple Investment Programs.
  • The option to transfer approved assets ‘in-specie’ into your MIPS account.

  • Full transparency, with 24/7 online access to your portfolio’s performance, valuations, transactions and income.
  • Monthly and annual statements of portfolio accounts, and a quarterly economic and fixed income market commentary from the MIPS PMT.

  • Invitation to regular presentations by the MIPS PMT in each state office.
  • Custodial services.
  • Compliance monitoring, supervisory oversight and independent audit by PWC. 

MIPS offers wholesale investors the opportunity to earn meaningful improvements in returns and liquidity over Cash and Term Deposits through the direct ownership of a significantly diverse range of quality assets that include Australian Bank and Corporate Bonds

kieran-quaineKieran Quaine, Head of MIPS Portfolio Management

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