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  • Conservative 2.77% p.a. return^
  • Balanced 3.61% p.a. return^
  • High Yield 5.87%p.a. return^
FIIG Securities - FREE Sample Bond Portfolio

Portfolio characteristics

Each bond is selected to ensure the overall portfolio:


Is designed to preserve
your capital

Cash flow

Generates ongoing
cash flow

Diversity and balance

Provides diversity
and balance

FIIG Securities - FREE Sample Bond Portfolio

Providing the best balance between risk and return

The sample portfolios are designed to offer an optimal mix of diversification and a level of investment at close to $500,000 that is open to most investors, whilst still providing the best balance between risk and return.

We combine a mix of investment grade and sub investment grade bonds to generate the return, in conjunction with differing security types.

  • Fixed Rate Bonds pay the same coupon amount throughout the life of the bonds, allowing you to predict cash flow.
  • Floating Rate Bonds move with the market interest rate and increase your return when rates rise.
  • Inflation Linked Bonds allow you to protect against rising inflation.

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^ Pricing as at 1 July 2020. Subject to change.

* The ANZ and WBC securities are pre-Basel 3 legacy subordinated bonds, and are perpetual (have no maturity). They cease to contribute to the bank’s regulatory capital from January 2022 and as such may be called after that date. If this occurs at par (100) then the yield to the call is significantly higher than the yield shown in the portfolio which assumes no call.

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Please be aware that Corporate Bonds have a greater risk of loss of some or all of your capital when compared to bank deposits.