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  • Conservative 5.74% p.a. return^
  • Balanced 6.52% p.a. return^
  • High Yield 8.86% p.a. return^
FIIG Securities - FREE Sample Bond Portfolio

Portfolio characteristics

Each bond is selected to ensure the overall portfolio:


Is designed to preserve
your capital

Cash flow

Generates ongoing
cash flow

Diversity and balance

Provides diversity
and balance

FIIG Securities - FREE Sample Bond Portfolio

Providing the best balance between risk and return

The sample portfolios are designed to offer an optimal mix of diversification and a level of investment at close to $500,000 that is open to most investors, whilst still providing the best balance between risk and return.

We combine a mix of investment grade and sub investment grade bonds to generate the return, in conjunction with differing security types.

  • Fixed Rate Bonds pay the same coupon amount throughout the life of the bonds, allowing you to predict cash flow.
  • Floating Rate Bonds move with the market interest rate and increase your return when rates rise.
  • Inflation Linked Bonds allow you to protect against rising inflation.

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