In a world of uncertainty, reliable income is more critical than ever

Bonds – your income solution

Reliable income


Diversification through a wide range of investment grade Australian fixed interest securities

6% pa* Returns

Defined and regular

income payments

Portfolio Diversification

High quality bond issuers

such as Commonwealth Bank and Woolworths through to high growth companies such as Zip and Omni Bridgeway

Over 400 bonds available

Access to our research,

investment strategy and portfolio construction expertise

Invest with confidence with the Australian leader in fixed income

Over 6,000 Australians trust in us to offer investment solutions and portfolios that provide both stability and regular income.

For over 24 years, we’ve been helping our customers achieve their wealth goals with innovative bond investments – we can help you too.

Delivering income certainty throughout the year

Because a bond is a loan on fixed terms, you can expect regular and consistent income payments at set intervals during the year.

The bond's performance is not tied to a company’s share price - it is a promise from the company to pay back interest and principal. This makes bonds a great investment when looking for a more secure option to directly investing in these companies through shares.

Build a portfolio from a wide range of top Australian companies

Through FIIG’s DirectBonds Service, starting with a minimum of $50,000 you can get access to over 600 well-known Australian companies, providing you with consistent income payments and a promise to repay your principal.

Alternatively, you can choose FIIG’s Managed Income Portfolio Service which provides investors access to a menu of products that combine the benefits of total return, capital stability and regular income with direct ownership and professional management.

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