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Sandip Pinnawalage, Chief Product Officer - FIIG Securities

Sandip Pinnawalage

Chief Product Officer


Sandip joined FIIG in April 2023 as the Chief Product Officer, he is responsible for developing and managing the FIIG Product Suite across various channels. Sandip brings over 20 years of experience in Funds Management to FIIG. He has a proven track record in developing and managing investment and superannuation products across a range of asset classes. Prior to FIIG, Sandip served as Head of Product at Australian Ethical for over 3 years and was a member of the RIAA Certification Panel. His experience also spans across MLC Asset Management, BT Financial Group, and Macquarie, where he held senior positions focused on product development and management. Sandip has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business Law from Macquarie University and MBA from Deakin University.

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