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Our approach to Fixed Income

Read how key members of FIIG approach fixed income.

Mark Bayley

"FIIG is the preeminent high-yield origination house in Australia and the bulk of my career has been spent in high-yield corporate research, so it is a perfect match for my experience and skill set. It’s also an opportunity to manage a research team which is one of the largest if not the largest in Australia on the sell side and to take that very strong research and make it even better."

Mark Bayley, Head of Institutional - Fixed Income

"MIPS provides a unique opportunity for me to impart my wealth of experience in the bond market for the benefit of direct investors."

Kieran Quaine, Head of Managed Income Portfolio Services

"I understand the challenges investors have in knowing who to trust or listen to when it comes to allocating their capital...and it can be a daunting process. I find it really pleasing to provide them with best clarity possible on the benefits in investing in bonds and how they can play a key defensive role in your overall investment portfolio."
Daryl Bruce , State Manager Markets, WA

"FIIG Securities continues to develop and improve access to the bond market for Australian investors.  Only through direct access to bonds can investors participate in the certainty that bonds provide to the performance of their investment portfolio. Through technology, FIIG is making access to direct bonds easy."
Ben Taylor, Relationship  Manager 

"I enjoy building long and lasting relationships with my clients and getting to understand their businesses. I get great satisfaction from being able to provide them with a solution, in the shape of direct bonds, that has been hard for many to access in the Australian market until now."
Rob Pearce, Director - DCM

"What I like about FIIG is that it provides a unique way of directly accessing the Fixed Income market.  Given Fixed Income is all we do, we use this expertise on a daily basis to help investors who are seeking capital preservation and income predictability."  
Johnele Huggett, Director - Product and Platform