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Q & A "Question regarding the FIIG Transparency Report"

by William Arnold | Apr 29, 2013


Can you please explain what is the significance, in the context of the weekly Transparency Report, of the figures attaching to various bond 'bid' and 'sell' percentages?

Equally the report of 'FIIG buys' and 'FIIG sells' nominations.

As there are no +/- comparisons from the previous report the figures shown can have no immediate interest. Readers are apparently left to their own devices and conclusions.


The table of most traded issues shows the weighted average bid and offer yields for each security, the idea being that this gives an indicative market of where the corresponding security has traded during the week. E.g. Consider the Telstra 7.75% fixed rate bond (maturity 15 July 2020) with an indicative market of 4.70% / 4.35% - 4.70% would represent the average yield to maturity where the stock was purchased by FIIG; while 4.35% would represent the average yield to maturity where the stock was sold by FIIG.

As our list of most traded issues changes from week to week, we do not provide a +/- comparison as the data may not necessarily be available for each security to provide that comparison. As such we provide historic transparency reports on the website for individuals to make their own comparisons for the stocks they wish to follow.

Please click here for the current and past transparency reports.