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About Money Market Service

FIIG's Money Market Service is a premium personalised service for clients seeking exclusive term deposit, NCD’s, at-call and notice saver investment opportunities for deposit amounts over $1M.

What does the service offer?

The service provides the opportunity to reduce the amount of time and resources required to source rates and administer your Term Deposit investments while introducing competitive rates from a much wider range of counterparties. FIIG can leverage considerable scale to achieve competition among the banks and secure special rates for your deposit. At all times deposited cash remains in the client’s name at the nominated bank until the transfer is instructed. Investments through FIIG’s service remain segregated – your investment is not pooled with any other funds.

Benefits to our clients

  • Access to the rates from 80+ADIs
  • Save time and team resources 
  • Reduce the cost of administering Term Deposits 
  • Preferential interest rates, exclusive deals 
  • Extensive ADI research capability 
  • Mandate customisation 
  • Leverage of 20 years of banking relationships
  • Cash remains in the client's name at all times 
  • Customisable money market service within your investment guidelines 
  • Access to online reporting and trade confirmations 
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager

Service features

FIIG can assist in the initial stages of building a cash mandate to create risk, compliance, ratings and yield parameters or we can provide services to create time and cost savings to existing mandates to simplify operations and provide an uplift in return.

Each client is cared for by a personal relationship manager assigned to review FIIG’s marketplace research and match it to a deposit suited to the client’s investor profile. The relationship manager customises investments in line with the client’s requirements from initial investment through to the subsequent reinvestment terms of the deposit.

Our Money Market service offers:

  • Deposit opportunities with 80+ ADIs
  • A selection of Australian domiciled international deposit opportunities 
  • Live market contact, real-time rate offers 
  • Depositor profile matched to ADIs 
  • Premium rate offers and access to special rate offers at each maturity 
  • Customised research

Client support

FIIG supports you by providing a dedicated resource for navigating the unique compliance and investment documentation requirements of ADIs to ensure investing is a seamless experience for clients. Reporting is accessed via the MYFIIG portal which provides you with:

  • Whole portfolio view
  • Breakdown by institution, rating, sector, maturity 
  • Trade confirmation & instructions

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