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Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Overview

FIIG’s MDA services provide investors with an actively managed bond portfolio that allows you to benefit from the expertise of a senior fixed-income Relationship Manager, direct ownership of bonds, comprehensive research and enhanced reporting.

By having an actively managed bond portfolio, investments can be quickly and efficiently positioned to improve returns and reduce volatility across all market conditions.

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How the MDA Works

A dedicated senior FIIG Relationship Manager (Director, Fixed Income) will manage the day-to-day administration and investment decisions for your portfolio, a premium service that will include customised performance reporting and comprehensive account records.

Investors can choose between an Investment Grade Portfolio mandate or a Balanced Portfolio mandate. Assets invested in will primarily be fixed rate, floating rate and inflation-linked bonds. Relationship Managers will allocate assets to ensure appropriate diversification and liquidity while seeking to maximise risk-adjusted returns within the preferred client mandate.


A minimum investment of $500k is required for a Managed Discretionary Account.


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MDA Portfolio Mandates

Investment Grade Portfolio Overview

The Investment Grade Portfolio will provide investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of quality Investment Grade senior and subordinate fixed income securities, which produce reliable and regular income with greater capital stability.

Balanced Portfolio Overview

The Balanced Portfolio aims to deliver investors a higher return than the Investment Grade Portfolio. In addition to a core allocation to lower risk (senior and subordinated) investment grade securities, the Balanced Portfolio will have a controlled exposure to a diversified selection of higher risk (credit and/or interest rate risk) non-investment grade fixed income securities.


Managed Discretionary Account (MDA)

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The Benefits of a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA)

  • Direct ownership of securities
  • Active portfolio management
  • Unrestricted access to your Relationship Manager with regular personalised portfolio reviews
  • Small parcel trading* 

  • Strong governance and controls for client oversight
  • Options to reinvest or be paid regular income
  • Simple combined fee (inclusive of portfolio management, administration, and custody) with no transaction or spread fees
  • Reduced corporate action burden
  • Small Parcel trading
  • High-level transparency and communication via:
    • Monthly and annual performance statements
    • 24/7 reporting through a dedicated online platform


* Small parcel trading allows investors to own parcels of bonds in denominations lower than their legal minimum due to FIIG’s custody service, in conjunction with JP Morgan, which allows a lower minimum parcel size.


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