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Segmented Term Deposit management to optimise operational cash

An Australian metropolitan university receives large inflows of cash via research grants, tuition fees and periodic government grants. The cash flow of the university is segmented between operational, reserve and strategic cash. The university’s treasury policy stipulates minimisation of risk through diversification, a high credit rating of investment counterparties and a liquidity ladder of maturing deposits within acceptable user defined risk, issuer and instrument limits.

If the University deploys FIIG’s Money Market Optimiser Service they could control their investments including user defined risk, issuer and instruments for each segment of cash and can build liquidity ladder to manage operational and reserve cash flows with term deposits. The university would enjoy consolidated reporting that would provide a wholistic view of all of their cash positions as well as by individual segments with a visible controlled and facilitated managed maturing deposits horizon.

Meeting new ESG and service requirements

A regional TAFE is in receipt of state funded lump sums is seeking to increase returns over at-call cash but need to retain liquidity and security of capital. The client’s Treasury Policy guidelines favour direct vs managed investments to ensure they remain responsible for the actual investment selection. The TAFE is now subject to rigorous ESG screening in line a recent update to their investment policy.

Using FIIG’s Direct Bond Service the treasurer could protect and grow the TAFE’s capital selecting individual investments in line with the TAFE’s ESG screening criteria. The TAFE’s would retain flexibility over investment allocations and unique holdings to suit changing funding limits and other macro circumstances. Their yield might increase by 3-4% within their defined risk limits.

Direct ownership of flexible liquid investment 

A regional university in receipt of state funded lump sums and tuition income and is seeking to increase yield by about 2%. They are keen to look at managed investment solutions but are uncomfortable with the prospect of not directly owning the underlying assets.

Using FIIG’s Managed Income Portfolio Service the university could achieve their yield targets while remaining direct owners of the assets. The investment would substantially benefit from specialist professional management of the client’s assets and they would receive 24/7 access to investment reporting to maintain full transparency. The investment would remain liquid and flexible enough to accommodate new inflows and redemptions in line with the client’s requirements.


FIIG’s Corporate Case studies are illustrative examples of how FIIG clients can benefit from our products and services.  Any resemblance to any actual FIIG client is unintended.  Please be aware that Corporate Bonds have a greater risk of loss of some or all of your capital when compared to bank deposits.

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