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Datafeeds are available for XPlan, Praemium and Class Super.

Setting up Datafeeds

At the bottom of the Intermediary Onboarding Form advisors nominate which datafeed they need to be set up for. FIIG’s administration team will email the advisor with the required codes.

Intermediary onboarding form

As Praemium requires codes per investor, Section 5 of the Deposit Service Authority requests this information again on an investor basis.  Praemium codes will be emailed with the account opening confirmation.

Deposit service authority

Data feed code distribution

On initial set up an Intermediary Office is issued a welcome email containing a 10 digit code beginning with 50, internally referred to as a ’50 account’.  This is the practice’s data feed code.  Whenever an adviser is set up under the office they will also receive a welcome email containing the required ’50 account’ reference number.

An email is distributed to associated contacts whenever a new Investor is onboarded to FIIG.  This email notification will contain the investors’ FIIG ID which is required to allocate the data feed to the particular investor.

Multiple data feeds

The system does allow multiple data feeds to be configured against a single intermediary office.  This is sometimes requested to accommodate merges and multiple platforms.  An example would be XPlan for the advisers and Class System for their tax accountants.

Experiencing difficulty with datafeeds

If your office experiences difficulty with datafeeds contact your datafeed provider.  Your provider will contact FIIG directly if required.