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Case Study - Coffey International

Case Study - Coffey International

Issue Date

September 2014




12 September 2020


5 years


BBSW + 4.65%

About the Issuer

Coffey International (Coffey) provides specialised consulting services in geoservices, international development and project management. Coffey was founded by David Coffey in 1959 and is headquartered in Sydney. It was first listed on the ASX in 1990 and at the time of issuance had a market cap of $90m. Between 2003 and 2008 Coffey expanded to become a global operator across six key geographical regions: Australia, the Americas, UK, Middle East, New Zealand and Africa. The company operates its business through three segments: Geoservices, International Development and Project Management.

The issuer need

Coffey had recently completed a three year transformation and rebuilding process during which time it divested non-core assets and reduced debt. Coffey established the fundamentals of its business and weathered a cyclical downturn to deliver considered, meaningful change. As a result the company returned to profit in 2014 and was seeking a capital management solution to support the long term growth of its business.

The FIIG solution

By issuing a Senior Unsecured $40m bond into the capital markets, Coffey was able to diversify its funding sources and term out a portion of their debt profile. The 5 year tenor provided an additional 2 years to the secured bank facilities, reducing the businesses refinance risk while the bespoke covenant structure allowed management to focus on the growth strategy of the company.

Client testimonial

Group Financial Controller Marc Armstrong was impressed at how smooth the process was from start to finish. “They did exceptionally well in laying out the course that a bond issue would take and walking us through it. They clearly understood their space and were in control the whole way through.” Marc said the bond issue had “perfectly” met the company’s funding needs. “The team were highly professional and were always two or three steps ahead and could honestly answer any question we put in front of them”.

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